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Welcome to 3D Giza Pink!, the approved fanlisting for the talento spanning all categories: musician, actress, artist, model, and otaku queen Nakagawa Shoko, AKA "Shokotan". If you're a fan of this cute & quirky Japanese idol, please list your name here with the rest of her admirers!

11 Shokotan Fans / Updated 10th October 2017

Nakagawa Shoko (known by most as Shokotan) is about as well-rounded as entertainers get: from modeling to music, illustrating to blogging, she's done about everything you can point a finger at and more. Having made her debut in 2001 as a gravure idol, Shokotan appeared on many variety shows and charmed audiences of all types with her endearing personality and interest in hobbies unusual to the world of idols: otaku culture. Her love for anime is most often attributed to her late father, who exposed her to manga as a young child. Shokotan still holds anime and gaming dear to her heart and proudly expresses her interest much like any other fan does: she's skilled in illustrating and loves cosplay. Her work in the entertainment industry has also allowed her to lend her voice to various anime through both singing and acting.

Currently, Shokotan's been active in the music world and has widened her appeal to even greater audiences by performing both covers of anime songs and her own. She is also most commonly recognized for her blog, Shokotan*Blog, which she is known to update almost compulsively every day. Her blog features photos of her everyday life-- be it work, cosplay, cats, fashion, or even snapshots of illustrations she's been working on, her blog is almost never left untouched and receives thousands of hits per day.