Saizo from Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

I am definitely what those Fire Emblem purists call a Dirty Awakening Fan: Fire Emblem Awakening was my first FE game, and I only played it because one of my friends told me that I could "customize my avatar" and "get married and have kids". (No shame, I fully admit I'm actually a terrible Fire Emblem player with zero strategic ability. I'll still be putting pegasus knights in vulnerable positions 20 chapters into the game.) When Fates was announced and it was revealed that one of the families would feature a more traditional Japanese theme, I was instantly super excited. I'm a big fan of the Sengoku Period so warlords and ninjas and all that stuff really excite me... I can't make myself sound like any less of a weaboo right now because it's 100% true LOL. :(

"Strange how these bonds form in battle. Stranger still that I could become as loyal to anyone as I am to Lord Ryoma."

Admittedly, I love the Hoshido clan as a whole: from concept, to design, to their colorful personalities they are all just so lovable. Saizo is the Hoshido Clan's resident hardass: an extremely prideful ninja, always working to live up to the name his lineage granted him. The "Saizo" name is something he works hard to uphold and is very important to him, so much that he passes this idea onto his children. He's incredibly passionate—sometimes to a fault—as his emotions can get the best of him, but in battle he's the guy you can count on to have your back! On top of all this, I've loved the lord/retainer dynamic since my Sengoku Basara days, and Saizo is unwaveringly faithful to Ryoma. ♡ He will do anything to protect Lord Ryoma... which just sets my gross rekijo heart on fire.

If by browsing this collective you are at all familiar with my "type", it should be pretty obvious that Saizo immediately pulled at my heartstrings: grumpy ass ninja with a soft spot. I thought his support was pretty hilarious and I figured that by marrying him to my avatar I could 1) see a different side of him and 2) see what was behind that mask ;D! Not disappointing whatsoever, mind you—I know all you gals got a soft spot for Kaze but Saizo is definitely just as handsome as his brother! He's still a grumpy dude (never change, Saizo), but marrying him allows you to see a sweeter side of him. (Even angry guys need naps!) He also has a hilarious dynamic with his sons. If you want your avatar to birth a literal angel and something like a devil, marry Saizo! Achieve your dream of raising an adorable, blood spilling ninja family! T^T

Fire Emblem characters and relationships may not be very well known for their depth, but honestly I think the changes to the support system in this game gave for a lot of opportunity to learn about your wife/hubby! Aside from him being a really fun & strong unit, I recommend giving Saizo a shot through one of your playthroughs. (He'll bring you flowers... just because. ;w; <3)