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Psycho le Cému is a five member rock band, hailing from the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. Best known for their colorful costumes inspired by their favorite anime and video game characters, the band entered the visual rock scene in 1999 with an entirely different approach than bands of the past. Psycho le Cému promoted each single by wearing different outfits and creating a storline within their music videos. (Their 2004 release Yume Kazaguruma featured characters inspired by the popular Japanese folktale of Momotaro.) These elements, coupled with melodic and upbeat rock songs brought a story to life with all of their releases.

Psycho le Cému quickly grew in popularity: after signing with the major label Nippon Crown, their next two singles entered the top ten of the Oricon charts. The band also developed a large overseas fanbase, touring various conventions in the United States in 2004 and 2005. Due to unfortunate events in May 2005, the band went under hiatus before permantly disbanding after the release of their final album, ~Epilogue ~ Kataritsugareru Monogatari.

Psycho le Cému are Daishi on vocals, Lida and Aya on guitar, Seek on bass and Yura-sama on drums.

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