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❤ a class: shinomiya natsuki

Shinomiya Natsuki is one of the characters in the anime Uta no Prince Sama, based off of the game character from the same series. He is in Class A and plays the viola. Natsuki loves cute things--he's a fan of the character Piyo-chan and compares the heroine Haruka to his dog Elizabeth. He is roommates with Shou, who he fawns over endlessly, though it ends up more like torture much to his roommate's dismay. Though he's absolutely terrible at it and will throw in anything from eggshells to tabasco sauce, as well as use a blowtorch to set things on fire, Natsuki loves to cook.

Natsuki has a different personality when he removes his glasses--he becomes "Satsuki", a vicious character who starts fights and has the capability to put 50,000 people in the hospital if he doesn't regain his glasses in time. Satsuki is a musical genius and composes most of Natsuki's songs, though he doesn't remember becoming Satsuki after turning back into Natsuki.

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