Nami from League of Legends

I can say with 100% honesty I'm not the best League of Legends player out there, but having played for a few years now it would be lying to say that I have no attachment to the game or its characters. As anyone who plays League will tell you: it's a real love/hate relationship. I still cry when I think about all the hours (and dollars) I've poured into this game, knowing fully well I could definitely be using all my resources on something else LOL. While I dabble a bit in every role, Support was the first one I truly focused on improving in. (Also my friends are selfish and only like playing carries, what can I do.)

Nami is a support character that I picked up after initially shying away from her because I felt my mechanical skill was too unreliable and got way too embarrassed throwing out bubbles that weren't landing! However, once I finally got over my useless pride and gave her a try, I slowly fell in love with her kit and started to enjoy laning with her! She's very much a "jack of all trades, master of none" kind of champion, which makes her a pretty safe pick in all situations if you're comfortable using her. She's my go-to mergal if I don't know what I'm feeling at the moment or simply just want to use a comfort pick! I find that she's a good champion in particular for my friends who like to get themselves into sticky situations: she heals, she can engage/disengage, and she's got enough harass to help even the silliest of carries move forward and last hit a kill. :^) Where Leona was the champion who initially got me into playing support, Nami is the one where I learned the most & truly became comfortable with the role. I think most League players will always have an "attachment" of sorts to their original mains!

"I am the tide, and I cannot be turned."

Outside of Nami's kit itself, what girl doesn't love mermaids? Like any little girl who grew up in the 90s I've wanted to be a mermaid since The Little Mermaid and Splash, and I think Nami's character & design is just so pretty! I own all her skins and even bought the stupid chroma pack because Riot would rather just give her recolors (RITO PLZ, I'll give you all my RP). I've definitely also spent a stupid amount of money on Riot-official merchandise (the cute Nami figure sits next to my keyboard!), as well as fan-made merchandise of this adorable little fishy. ;w; While we all know Riot isn't great when it comes to writing lore for their insanely huge roster of characters, they've done some interesting stuff lately (and in the past, some interesting stuff for Nami herself!), so I'm hoping eventually she'll be TIDE to some event and we can all SEA a more elaborate background story for her! ;w; (Puns fully intended, come at me Phreak.)

To put it in nerdy League of Legends Lingo: Nothing beats the feeling of landing the lane-winning double bubble bot lane, netting your ADC a double kill, and spamming your Level 7 Mastery Badge with Nami's /laugh for the ultimate BM. Haha, yeah!