Keep In Mind

Are you interested in any of the fanlistings in my collective? If there comes a time when I want to adopt one out, putting your name on my keep in mind list will let me know that you're interested. I may contact you as a potential owner if ever I need to part with the fanlisting! Please remember that being on this list does not mean that you'll be granted priority as a new owner, but it does let me know that you're interested and willing.

If you wanted to be listed on my KIM list, please fill out the form below. Don't like forms? You can send me an email too! If you're interested in more than one fanlisting, send me multiple forms for each one.


Currently Listed

Gyakuten Saiban: Godot
- Akira ( collective )

Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome
- Akira ( collective )
- Aurriel ( collective )