Kanata Nanami from Starry☆Sky ~In Spring~

I guess I'm not even going to try and beat around the bush here: childhood friend character + tsundere + Sugita Tomokazu + my star sign (Pisces) + illness trope ;__;... I mean, for as long as I tried to avoid the Starry☆Sky hype back in the day, Kanata just kinda seemed like a present MoneyBee wrapped up with a bow and hand delivered especially to me. I even tried super hard to avoid the stereotype of me falling for the character voiced by Sugita by playing ~In Summer~ first, but yeah, big fail I guess lolol. Back in the day when I applied for this fanlisting, almost everyone but Kanata was taken which MAKES ME QUESTION MY TASTE! But you know what, I will fight to protect my precious photographer video game boyfriend!

"I want to protect you... even though I might not be able to with this weak body... I really, really like you so much."

In 100% honesty I am not a really big visual novel fan for the most part. I've played a few of the more popular ones here and there, but I'm kind of a gamer that needs at least a little bit of strategic involvement. I still think S*S was a little bit overhyped in its day, but the game does boast a cast of good looking and unique ~zodiac boys~ that are lovable in their own right. Kanata is actually a little bit of a total brat, constantly acting like a tough guy and getting into fights, when in reality he's a big ol' crybaby and his illness keeps his frail body from being as physical as he may want. I think it's probably because he's known the heroine for so long, but Kanata works really hard to put up his tough guy front. He doesn't like to show weakness: both to compensate for his illness and to prove to the heroine that he's a man who can properly take care of her! It's a bit worrisome at times since he will often put his health at risk in order to do this. However, he's also incredibly kind and patient with the heroine (whether he'd like to admit it or not), willing to set aside his feelings for her in the event that it puts their long-term friendship at risk.

I think that the cutest thing about Starry Sky is that they did sort of cater to the crowd: alongside a sequel game for each season (the After games), they also released an onslaught of drama cds where you can sleep next to your hubby as he counts sheep for you, or go on a variety of dates. Starry☆Sky ~After Spring~ was something I enjoyed a lot because it let you experience your relationship with your zodiac beau post-marriage. Kanata is much more mature in this game; a gift from the heavens to those of us otome game players who are not exactly in high school anymore. He still retains the "superman" qualities I love so much about him: ever the tsundere, refusing to show weakness to his worried bride. (Kanata, why do you make us worry so much!!) Because he's battled physical weakness all his life, I think it's really important that he preserves some of his manly pride, despite how it may make others feel. In front of his wife he is very sweet and unguarded and you learn much more about his illness and family history in the second game. It's a much better play than the first IMO!

I don't think that people loved S*S for its exceptionally original stories or because it was anything revolutionary BUT, I do think that any girl can find their "type" within the relatively large and diverse crowd. If you're into tsunderes, or childhood friends (or both!) Kanata is definitely a sweet treat. ♡