Godot from Gyakuten Saiban

When I played the first Ace Attorney game that came out in the US I was a big lurker at Court Records because I literally couldn't contain my excitement waiting for the future games to be released in good ol' North America. Scrolling through images and character sprites, Godot is one of those characters I knew I'd love before I even met him. Tall, dark, handsome & masked (boy do I love a good masked man!) with a faint scent of coffee... what's not attractive about a little mystery? I'll never forget how eager I was for my preorder of Trials & Tribulations to hit my doorstep so I could finally learn more about this Cyclops-looking fellow. (I will also never forget crying because my stupid ugly Phoenix preorder keychain came so late. It was a weird stage in my life.)

"I've returned from the depths of hell to do battle with you."

Needless to say, Godot didn't disappoint upon arrival and instantly became one of my favorite characters in the franchise two or three lines of dialogue into his introduction. (I kinda feel like he was my favorite before I even met him...) He's arguably one of the most tragic characters in the series: literally "rises from the depths of hell" and all that jazz. However, amongst my friends, many ridiculous livejournal icons with animated rainbow visors were made and really offensive (potentially spoilery) paint chat fanart was drawn. But such was the Ace Attorney fandom during it's peak years. I probably had just as much fun making Godot the butt of every joke as I did losing myself in his dreamy... eye mask and listening to all sorts of variations on The Fragrance of Dark Coffee (the best one obviously being the sexytimez saxophone version on the Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul album).

Outside of all the hilarity though, Godot's character and storyline is even darker than the blackest coffee and all of his complexities and relationships with the rest of the stunning cast of the game is what made the original trilogy so beautiful: he's literally the final piece in three games worth of an incredibly confusing puzzle. For a long time I've been planning on turning this fanlisting into a shrine (somewhere on an old laptop are notes and notes detailing his eccentricities!), so to any kittens who have read this, please elbow me into eventually following through with my grand plans because he so deserves the analysis. Honestly, the amount of depth put into Godot's character and how deeply woven he is into the storyline (despite not entering the series until much later) is part of what I love so much about the Ace Attorney series as a whole. Never leave any stone unturned in this series: characters and small details will seriously surprise you!

Unfortunately, there's not much I can gush about here as Godot himself is literally a walking, talking spoiler, but if you haven't already had the pleasure of meeting him, please play the original Ace Attorney triology and do so! To this day it remains one of my favorite games in the series, and probably of all time. (And yes: it is way, way more than the silly Objection! memes you see on the internet.)