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Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my collective! Check out some of these awesome fanlisting collectives owned by friends of mine (and go join their fanlistings too!)

✿   Aelyn & Cerine: Skylude
✿   Amber: Aftermath
✿   Aki: Edentrap
✿   Ava: Castles in the Sky
✿   Cherri: Panic Attack
✿   Delphine: Everlasting Love
✿   Elysa: Connected
✿   Kibumie: Last Escape
✿   Larissa: Heartplace
✿   Masao: Glorious
✿   Megan: Hylia.org
✿   Megan: Siren Song
✿   Mishiro: Crystal Orb
✿   Vii: Skyremix

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If you'd like to link back to Donten, please feel free to use any of the banners below. I've been too lazy to make new buttons for centuries now... so if you don't like Giorno then idk, make your own damn banner. :D