Clefairy from Pokémon

Clefairy feels like a friend of mine that goes way, way back. I've been a fan of Pokémon since I was a child and I'm not sure why it's taken me this many years in my fanlisting history to apply for something... but if there's any Pokémon who I know deserves it more, it's definitely my favorite little pink alien! Aside from always having been among my favorites of the franchise, she's played a very important role in my life that I feel like really speaks to the mystery and charm that Clefairy represents.

Much like almost everyone I know: Pokémon played a really impactful part of my childhood (and teenage years... and adulthood). It came at a really vital time in my life: my dad had just moved my family across the country and I had little to no friends at my new school. Pokémon gave me an outlet for all the horrible frustration and loneliness I was trying to cope with: simple days of watching the cartoon with a bowl of cereal at 7AM, coming home and playing Pokémon Stadium mini games with my brother, trading Pokémon cards with classmates and drawing all my favorites on the back of my notebooks. As a result of being such a Pokémon nerd, it ended up introducing me to a life-long friend, who I met because they recognized I had drawn a Clefairy on the back of my notebook. I suppose that's why I've always felt a strange little guardian angel/good luck charm kind of vibe when it comes to Clefairy: not only was this Pokémon one of my most beloved characters at the time, but it allowed me to meet one of my very best friends. I feel like friendship is one of the charms of the Pokémon franchise as a whole, so the fact that it's done something so similar for me in my real life is super special to me.

Why I was initially attracted to Clefairy as a kid is otherwise, a mystery: I chalk it up to Clefairy just being so damn cute. I've always loved its design: adorable, small, with little wings and a cute fluffy curl! (Basically anything cute, pink and fat is gonna reel me in... I'm weak when it comes to these traits. ;_;) One of the best Christmas presents I remember getting as a kid was a box of stuff my technologically-challenged parents had purchased online: it had a small little Clefairy calculator and a Clefairy bath sponge toy (that I'm sure they bought because it was the closest thing they could get to a plushie). I have no idea how they managed to pull it off or why they went through the trouble of using a computer, probably desperately trying to find any kind of Clefairy merchandise that existed, but I'll never forget the feeling of opening up that box and seeing my favorite Pokémon inside. To this day I still get super, grossly excited when I catch one in newer games or get gifted Clefairy merchandise. You should've seen me stop and scream in the middle of an evening run when she came to me in Pokémon GO... it was strange, because I ran into her in front of the elementary school where I met the aforementioned best friend. Clefairy has always been a very mysterious presence for me!

All that I guess I can say is... if Clefairy exists in a game, you can most definitely bet that I have one on my team: she's certainly never done me wrong, my little pink good luck charm!